Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Plan A, Plan B, Plan C. (aka walking a lot for science)

Yesterday's science adventures on the Commonwealth Glacier. Pete, a mountaineer, and I took a long hike to find water on the glacier surface and then we had a helicopter flight to sample the Taylor Glacier today.  Success!  These samples will be analyzed for trace element concentrations, major ions, & hydrogen & oxygen isotopes in a few months. What are the chemical conditions supporting life on the top of glacier surfaces & what are the chemical contributions of glaciers to the downstream ecosystems?
The beginning of a 14 mile sampling journey.  Crossing Lake Hoare.
Pete pointed out a route across the lake, we avoided an open moat.

We walked around the terminus to get to the other side of Canada Glacier.

 Best ATV tour ever! And we crossed another lake. Thanks Christa!

Pete I hiked up for a few hours before we could get onto the Commonwealth.

We found water, I sampled!  It took 14 hours to complete this mission.

After camping on Lake Fryxell we took a helicopter to the Taylor Glacier :waster!

A hypothesis

Are you answering a question?
Magnetic pulling, landscape suctioning, visioning
What is necessary and what is possible and what is muscular are woven
This is a journey

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