Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Update from the office

Hey all! OSU is on its own power grid, but large chunks of Columbus are still without power after Hannah and Ike made their way inland. Our trees are rather spindlely and we may have to push back a few fun cookouts to deal with the remnant limbs strewn across the yard. We are lucky to not have had further damage and wish those of you who are dealing with worse the best (especially those closer to the coast).

On the science front, I'll be heading to the December American Geophysical Union meeting to present some of the results from Peru (phew good data!). The water was as wacky as predicted... but plenty of data sorting and interpretation remains! The preliminary results are very exciting, this was not temperate glacial melt....

Also, next week is one more recon mission to the Coshocton Cornfields before the real deal begins. The fields should be glorious this time of year!