Saturday, September 27, 2008

Till, no till, here we come!

Monday, I went out to the field with Andrea Grottoli so that we could get on the same page with our sampling effort. We're both transferring skills from different research arenas (glacier melt- me, and coral chemistry- Andrea) to understanding carbon storage in the pastures and cornfields of central Ohio. Andrea is very pregnant and wanted to make sure that her research tech/postdoc, Yohei new where to sample come mid-October.

The Peruvian side project is going well, I'm drafting a paper on the craziest metal concentrations ever observed in glacial melt .... and will get the draft and remaining data to Jeff and crew by the end of the year. The success of the Peruvian project is mostly due to the efforts of 2 undergraduates and now, 1 high school student (They are so good!!!!)