Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Fonz

Hi everyone, I made it safely back to Ohio- after a delay in Los Angeles... my flight to Chicago was cancelled due to snow. Thankfully, there is a distressed passenger rate at the Hilton- I had a nice afternoon reviving myself after the 12 hour flight from Auckland, New Zealand. My flight for Ohio via St. Louis left yesterday morning at 6:30, so I arrived at the airport to massive lines. People swarming like sluggish ants at 4:30 in the morning . Going through security- the Fonz and I had a good pre-caffeinated chat. He was heading to Dallas, Texas. Wearing a purple Mr. Rogers sweater with a fancy and flamboyant scarf.

The Fonz is a much smaller (width and height) and softer spoken man than I expected. After our 15 minute line wait, he grabbed my running shoes off the security for me through security and wished me a good flight. That's about as much as I remember at 5 in the morning after 24 hours of flying....