Saturday, April 19, 2008

Corn Recon and preparing for Andean Adventures

First of all, I'm heading to the cornfields on Monday to scope out my future postdoctoral project site with Climate, Water, and Carbon program Drs. Rattan Lal, Berry Lyons, and Andrea Grotolli; others will be involved but this is Monday's crew. I will take pictures.

In the meantime, I am staring at the small bruises on my arms from Hepatitis shots (I should have had those shots 10 years ago when I was waste-deep in effluent (poop water) working with the USGS; but I have so far escaped the sequence because when I was 20 I thought I would never die, and my recent exposure to poop water has been very minimal. Other good news, I still do not have tuberculosis, my TB skin test is invisible. It has been a year of exotic travel (including my first trip to Clearwater Florida; which is extremely exotic if you count the alien living at Pier 60, Trey can impersonate him too well and I am little suspicious).

I should prepare physically for working in the Andes, but unlike previous field expeditions, this time I am heading out with other folks coming from flat prepare for my first Antarctic trip I made sure that I could do at least 6 pull-ups. I figured this would insure I could pull a 200 pound person+pack out of a crevasse, or at least stop the fall... Now, I am concentrating on being able to build my thumb strength (training undergraduates in master pipetting (using a suped-up eye dropper to measure chemicals), and of course, my other fingers are ever-agile from dissertating and now blogging.