Sunday, March 30, 2008

Things to Come!

Many good things have been brewing over the last few weeks. In a few short months I will be finishing my PhD after working at Byrd Polar Research Center for 5 years (not completed consecutively...) Early in the summer, I will be heading to Peru with Bryan Mark and Jeff McKenzie to examine water quality issues associated with receding glaciers. After Peru, I will come back and defend my dissertation to be knighted with my PhD.

Then... I have accepted a carbon, water, and climate postdoctoral position at Ohio State. ( I will be collaborating with many good people at OSU examining soil, atmospheric, and groundwater-riverine carbon and nitrogen fluxes associated with agricultural and other land use types. Meeting our growing food needs with more crops will have a big impact on climate and water quality. I plan to also lead undergraduate thesis work on other 'field studies' lest I suffer a student-withdrawal drought.