Friday, December 30, 2016

New Year's Eve

Lake Hoare Camp, overcast weather doesn't look good for water sampling...
There are only people in camp.  Rae, Kathy, & I will enjoy a quiet day.  I'm pressing my coffee & considering a 10 mile hike to the LaCroix Glacier to see if any water is flowing off of it (& not just in the stream below).  But, it has been fairly overcast a few days & the last glacier surface water missions required that I step onto the glacier & swing a mallet wrapped in plastic at the ice-lidded melt holes & channels.  Hiking with a chance of whack-a-mole.  Because success is unlikely, I'm considering some other options & I'm taking mascots from my son & daughter's school on a hike to take pictures as the landscape changes.  I have 4 polar bears from Snowhill Elementary second grade classrooms & one unicorn from Covenant Children's Academy kindergarten.  They  have been anxious to get out, but would likely blow away during sampling... but today I will be down in the valley much more than up high.  So we are going on an adventure after I press some much needed coffee.  Two cups & I'm off!

Antarctic Blend Coffee & an Aeropress

Rose, performs a radio check.
Three people today, so many more for Christmas.  But it was fun!


Christina said...

When you get home, Reed would like to see a photo of where you sleep please.

Sarah said...

will do!