Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Indecent Exposure

I'm working on rehydrating after a few full days of hiking, climbing, and sampling in Quilcayhuanca. We're inside the California Cafe having second breakfast. The main entrance mostly blocked by a metal garage door to prevent stray rocks from pummeling us. (Most strikers are not violent, but some are, and they throw things). Sarah Wright (see Peace and Skittles Link) had to duck (or rather, was pushed to the floor by the guy she was interviewing at the Statistics
Office yesterday). Many businesses are still open, but in a covert steel covered sense. The fresh "communista" graffiti and eerily quiet streets. (It is usually bustling at all hours).

Here's a picture of me on our hike down from Yanamarey Glacier- my zipper broke and the duck tape solution finally blew out. It is pretty indecent for Peru, so I put on my pair of Granny pile pants by the time we caught our cab out.

Uhhh- the steel door was just pulled all of the way down because a flock of strikers are walking by. My latte sure is good....


sally said...

Hey Sarah,

Your trip to Peru sounds fascinating.

And I like your choice of blog template. It's the same as mine,

By the way, the paper on the Garlock fault that you helped me with in the field (was it really way back in 1995?) will hopefully be published soon in GSA Bulletin. I just sent it back to them after a second round of revisions. Hopefully that will be the last.

sally said...

Sarah, you may not be interested in my most recent posts on my blog, which are somewhat religious in nature, but on the right-hand side panel there is a topical index. You might be more intersested in the Mongolia, geology or nature topics.