Saturday, December 01, 2007

Colors of Canada Glacier

Today we explored the Canada Glacier- little water was flowing, so I was unable to sample, but it looks like the stream adjacent to camp is starting to trickle revitalizing the camp with its gargling voice. (Above is the lower glacier)
(The pocked ice in the background is Lake Hoare, the foreground is Canada Glacier looking toward Suess Glacier.)
(Here is another shot of our descent down the glacier to Lake Hoare.)

Lake Hoare ice sprouts into ice gardens, these will melt away later with the summer thaw, crunching under our boots.
Canada Glacier has a beach, formed not by breaking waves, but by the melt pools draining from the glacier. Sediment blown onto the glacier comes down, most of the fines have been dissolved leaving mostly sand.
(our ascent)

This is the inside of a channel on the Canada Glacier (supraglacial channel).
(I had to snake on my stomach through most of the channel, but was relieved to find this spot to take a breath).
Lee is examining an ice crystal from the channel that was stuck on my cap.
Flat Stan sprung from my pocket, wondering if he had spotted other penguins. (The other flats will help me in the lab tonight).
More from the channels (above and below)

Tonight I will sample Anderson Creek (the stream running against Canada Glacier) and I am camp house mouse, which means that I am responsible for emptying grey water and cleaning the dishes (we all help each other out with these tasks)... It is also shower day (a bucket of glacier melt warmed by a stove funneled through a plastic hose).

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