Thursday, January 08, 2009

Hobbies other than science?

The snow blazes down and fizzles out on our Ohio pavement and fieldwork feels distant. During this season, my poor schnauzer is skittish on the ice and our walks grow shorter. As gray blankets us, I miss the aesthetic aspects of being in the field. And when not working, I find myself reading dark literature until I get into a funk and become one with my couch.

And now, I'm attempting new hobbies; pretty and far away from writing manuscripts or proposalling. Today, I officially enrolled in an evening watercolor class at the Columbus Arts Council. This blog is primarily focused on science capades, but the awescapes I've been fortunate to visit trigger a gut need to do something artistic. For the rest of the winter, I shall stay away from sad literature. That being said, if you want a good couch cry read "The Blinding Absence of Light". It's even sadder than "Blindness" and "The Road".

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Pistola Whipped said...

Hiya Sarah, it's Anne. Happy post-31st birthday, btw. Hope it was fabulous. Where are you? What are you up to? FYI: this particular post about taking up watercolor painting classes to stave off the winter blues...well, I signed up for some evening watercolor classes as well. I start on Feb. 28th. I thought it was time to enhance the skills since I really haven't painted since the Tegt/Richardson series of August of 1988.
Hope you're well. Happy Birthday!