Sunday, June 22, 2008

Road to Huaraz

Our herd of ten boarded the bus after nudging our packs to the weighing scales as lithely as possible. It was a clumsy process, but as efficient considering the size of the aisles and the bulk of our gear. The bus provided much needed cushioning to recover from our late night traveling. It was much nicer than the typical Greyhound, equipped with lounger legs and built in neck cushioning. The road to Huaraz was enjoyable.

The ride was one of stark landscapes the arid dune fields, the parched foothills of the Andes. Like the arid west, there were many dryland farms with extensive irrigation. Most of the ascent was through these gradual sandy expanses, and we spent much less time on windy mountain roads than I anticipated. It was pitch black for most of that part of our ride.

After arriving at Bryan's home away from home (Mi Casa) we had a nice meal of semolina and chicken soup, chicken, potatoes and rice. Unfortunately, a few toasts and the high altitude didn't agree with me well last night, but I feel refreshed today and ready to explore Huaraz. We will spend the day acclimating before starting our field work.

It was a treat to see the welcoming smiles of the Mi Casa family. It reminded me of returning to Lake Hoare where old friend reunite. It is nice to few this from the outside and truly appreciate the field experiences I have had.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, it looks like Lubbock Texas during a drought! Love the sentinel dog. Can't wait to see the mountains and what's left of the glaciers there. Love, Mom