Wednesday, February 20, 2008


It's time to put a wig on and relax. To my fellow PhD students and early career scientist friends, or anyone who likes to perpetually challenge themselves to do better, we owe it to ourselves.
I'm surprisingly attached to the future right now and conjuring scenarios (one in particular) in which I can lead students in research. This causes me to write at insane speeds (trying to mass publicize to catch up with those 5 years ahead of me) and also has led to an increase in weekly mileage that parallels peak week in marathon training. I suspect I will run the Athens, Ohio Marathon in April to capitalize on my granite hams.
Looking for a picture for a talk, I came across this oldie- but goodie... Sadly, the scientist standing in the left has passed away, hit by a car while out for a jog--- after surviving many deep-field misadventures subsisting on bumper bars (a butter-based granola bar) in the middle of the TransAntarctics.

Anyway, this picture reminds me that my life is good, our lives are short... and a wig never hurt.

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