Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Need a Caddy?

There was an Antarctic driving contest recently... (see the greens- or rather blues of the Ross Sea Ice above) my golf bag would have come in handy after all. Too bad it is already on the ship. In the meantime, I've lugged all of my gear up the hill into the loading area for the plane tomorrow. I have one small bag to live on until our flight tomorrow... unless the flight is delayed in which case, people have been known to live on one small bag of personal effects for weeks. (Its more of a big purse...)Which is fine in the field... but strange in McMurdo Station, where I'm always in awe of the amount and variety of clothes people have here....from ball gowns to cowboy hats.

Some people live here for an entire year. The light sun of today replaced with complete and utter darkness. The kind that holes people up in buildings with gusting solitude. May I stay with the light.
(Below--- one last picture of Taylor Valley)

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Anonymous said...

HI--when are you going home? Is the flight you are talking about the one to New Zealand or back to McMurdo? Anyway, I'm loving your blog and the fantastic pictures. Love you, Mom